4. Creating the Schema

When you have completed your Build Options click OK to store the values you have entered. To begin the schema creation select Build from the tree-view.

Figure 4.10. Build


On clicking this button a dialog box is shown

Figure 4.11. Create Schema

Create Schema

When you click Yes HammerDB will login to your chosen database a monitor virtual user and depending on the database create the user with the password you have chosen. It will then log out and log in again as your chosen user, create the tables and then load the item table data before waiting and monitoring the other virtual users. The worker virtual users will wait for the monitor virtual user to complete its initial work. Subsequently the worker virtual users will create and insert the data for their assigned warehouses. There are no intermediate data files or manual builds required, HammerDB will both create and load your requested data dynamically. Data is inserted in a batch format for optimal network performance.

Figure 4.12. Schema Build Start

Schema Build Start

When the worker virtual users are complete the monitor virtual users will depending on the database create the indexes, stored procedures and gather the statistics. When the schema build is complete Virtual User 1 will display the message SCHEMA COMPLETE and all virtual users will show an end timestamp and that they completed their action successfully. If this is not the case then then build did not complete successfully, the schema is not valid for testing and should therefore be deleted and reinstalled.

Figure 4.13. Schema complete

Schema complete