3. Replaying Oracle Trace Files

Next to the “Convert” button there is a “Test current code” button. Click on this to test the code in an individual Virtual User environment. Once tested the window can be closed manually or by clicking the same button now containing a stop image.

Figure 14.6. Run Trace

Run Trace

Once the script has been tested and is ready for running increase the number of Virtual Users and run as for an OLTP test.

Figure 14.7. Multiuser Test

Multiuser Test

The tracefile has now been replayed with multiple Virtual Users illustrating the basic building blocks for creating a bespoke Oracle workload from a captured and converted trace file. As a further examples using the same logon trigger for the TPCC user the HammerDB OLTP workload has now been loaded and for example purposes the number of transactions set to 10. Once converted HammerDB will correctly format, extract and insert bind variables for workload replay.

Figure 14.8. Bind Variables

Bind Variables