Chapter 9. Command Line Interface (CLI)

Table of Contents

1. Start the CLI
2. Start the CLI in Python
3. CLI Commands
3.1. CLI commands in Python
4. Configure Schema Build
5. Building the Schema
6. Configure Driver
7. Configure Virtual Users
8. Run the workload
9. CLI Scripting in Tcl
10. CLI Scripting in Python
11. CLI Example Scripts driven by Bash and Powershell
12. CLI Jobs Interface

HammerDB can be run from the command line without a graphical interface. It is recommend that new users become familiar with using the graphical interface before using the command line as the command line offers the same workflow and therefore once the graphical interface is understood learning the command line will be more straightforward. The CLI implements equivalent readline functionality for navigation. The CLI can be used in conjunction with scripting to build a powerful automated environment. From v4.6 the CLI can run in both interactive and scripting mode using the default Tcl mode or Python accepting the syntax and commands of either language depending on the mode chosen. Both the CLI and the GUI run exactly the same commands underneath the interactive layers, for example when operational the Virtual Users run identical workloads and therefore performance measurements between the CLI and GUI are interchangeable.