1. Building the Schema

Figure 2.1. Benchmark Options

Benchmark Options

Click on the Benchmark tree view, under TPROC-C select TPROC-C Schema Build Options to display the TPROC-C Schema Options window. Within this window enter the connection details of your database software. These options will vary depending on the database chosen. Select a number of warehouses, 10 is good for a first test and set the Virtual Users to build schema to the number of CPU cores on your system. Click OK.

Figure 2.2. Build Options

Build Options


Double-click on Build in the tree view and you will receive a prompt on the settings chosen to build the schema. Click Yes.

Figure 2.3. Create Schema

Create Schema

Observe that HammerDB begins to build the schema with multiple users.

Figure 2.4. Building Schema

Building Schema

Wait until the schema build completes and then click on the red button, tagged with Destroy Virtual Users.

Figure 2.5. Schema build complete

Schema build complete

Within the tree-view Select Driver Script Options. Leave the settings at Test Driver Script and click OK