8. Installing and Starting HammerDB on Linux

To install HammerDB on Linux you have the option of using the self-extracting installer or a tar.gz file. The self-extracting installer will create an uninstall executable for you. A tar.gz installation can be deleted manually. In both cases the install is entirely self-contained within the installation directory.

8.1. Self Extracting Installer

To install from the self-extracting installer using a graphical environment refer to the previous section on the self-extracting installer for Windows, the installation method is the same.

8.2. Tar.gz File

To install from the tar.gz run the command

tar -zxvf HammerDB-4.10.tar.gz 

This will extract HammerDB into a directory named HammerDB-4.10.

8.3. Starting HammerDB

To start HammerDB change to the HammerDB directory and run locally as follows.


8.4. Uninstalling HammerDB

To uninstall HammerDB on Linux run the uninstall executable for the self-extracting installer or remove the directory for the tar.gz install. You can also remove the .db and .DB persistent configuration database files that are by default stored in the /tmp directory.