3. HammerDB v4.9 New Features

HammerDB v4.9 New Features are all referenced to GitHub Issues and Pull Requests, where more details for each new feature and related pull requests can be found here:

[TPC-Council#619] Network Error When Loading Data

[TPC-Council#616] Remove Unneeded Indices From TPROC-H MSSQL

[TPC-Council#614] TPROCC MSSQLS BCP Load by Warehouse

[TPC-Council#613] Alter MSSQL TPCH Colstore Index Steps

[TPC-Council#611] Implement BCP Option for MSSQLS TPCH Load build database

[TPC-Council#610] Fix for TPROC-H calculates o_totalprice incorrectly

[TPC-Council#602] Add MariaDB/MySQL No Stored Procedures option to TPROC-C

[TPC-Council#599] Fix MySQL/MariaDB TPROC-H build FK error

[TPC-Council#596] Edited Dockerfile to install a specific version of msodbcsql18

[TPC-Council#592] Added use_bcp default as true and enabled bcp with windows authentication

[TPC-Council#591] Skip blank lines in binds in recent Oracle trace files

[TPC-Council#587] Added Use bcp as a user option

[TPC-Council#586] Add Optional Invisible Primary Key to History for Replication in MySQL and MariaDB

[TPC-Council#585] Update precision of w_ytd to prevent numeric field overflow

[TPC-Council#569] Container file simplification