3. HammerDB v4.10 New Features

HammerDB v4.10 New Features are all referenced to GitHub Pull Requests, where more details for each new feature and related pull requests can be found here:

[TPC-Council#668] Increase default CLI timeouts

[TPC-Council#665] Add support for Microsoft Entra authentication for SQL Server

[TPC-Council#664] Add schema and consistency checks for all databases for TPROC-C and TPROC-H

[TPC-Council#658] Add quotemeta function to escape special characters in passwords

[TPC-Council#653] Add bcp -u option for SQL Server to trust the server certificate

[TPC-Council#652] MSSQL TPCH Create Advanced Statistics

[TPC-Council#647] MSSQLS TPCH Add Flag to Partition Orders and Lineitems

[TPC-Council#646] Add giset command to set generic dictionary settings

[TPC-Council#644] Add check to vurun for pre-existing threads

[TPC-Council#642] Add optional purge and write back for MariaDB TPROC-C database[TPC-Council#641] Docker cloudtk docker gui

[TPC-Council#638] Fix call ash_fetch,error on Windows client running PostgreSQL metrics

[TPC-Council#634] Alter MSSQLS TPCH Schema to use Decimal not Money