3. HammerDB v4.11 New Features

HammerDB v4.11 New Features are all referenced to GitHub Pull Requests, where more details for each new feature and related pull requests can be found here:

[TPC-Council#709] Added example scripts for checkschema for all databases

[TPC-Council#707] Adds Performance Profile for TPROC-C Jobs

[TPC-Council#706] Add Schema Existence Check for MySQL/MariaDB

[TPC-Council#705] Add CPU metrics to CLI, Jobs and automate start

[TPC-Council#701] Fix incorrect value for SQLite database

[TPC-Council#696] Persist VU settings across restarts

[TPC-Council#690] Add Database version to TPROC-C timed test

[TPC-Council#688] Fix RETURNING d_next_o_id in NEWORD bug

[TPC-Council#682] Fix missing close-brace in PostgreSQL XML Connect Pool option

[TPC-Council#680] Update SVG and themes packages, Unify themes on Windows and Linux

[TPC-Council#678] Change GUI properties dailogs to tabbed

[TPC-Council#670] Add Support for oceanbase tpch enhancement