1. HammerDB v3.0 New Features

1. HammerDB v3.0 New Features

Bug fixes

[#114] Metrics connection is lost on Windows server

[#115] wrong # args error when selecting Times Ten compatability in Oracle

[#116] Incorrect time displayed in long running autopilot [#117] Only Basic Fonts used on Linux

[#118] Oracle Hash Clusters schema does not build when warehouses not divisible by 100

[#119] DB2 Can edit multiple tablespaces without selecting partition first

[#120] ODBC with SQL Server fails to connect to non-standard Port

[#121] Oracle fails to connect to service name with dot notation

[#122] DB2: SQL0304N A value cannot be assigned in Delivery Stored Procedure

[#123] MySQL com_commit parameter better than handler_commit for TPM

[#124] MONREPORT option for Db2 always greyed out

Updated License to GPL v3

Updated Binaries to: tcl8.6.8, tk8.6.8, thread2.8.2, oratcl4.6, mysqltcl3.052 pgtcl2.1.1 tclodbc2.5.2, db2tcl2.0.0, redis 0.1 for Linux x86-64 and Windows x64 Refactoring to modularise interface

Added Command Line Interface

GUI Enhancements and updated interface and icons on Windows and Linux

Standardised workloads to timed and test, adding monitor virtual user to timed

Added option to included timestamps in log

Set driver script to auto load after driver options are completed

Added option to connect direct to Azure database for SQL Server

Modified Oracle SLEV stored procedure to return Stock Count

Updated transaction counter display and improved calibration of output data

Deprecated Trafodion support can be uncommented in database.xml to enable unsupported